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Solomons Mines

Solomons Mines: A History of the U. S. Naval Mine Warfare Test Station, Solomons, Maryland, 1942-1947, by Merle T. Cole, 1987 (reprinted 1998), 46 pp., photographs and maps, paperback. (ISBN 0-941647-08-0)

The U. S. Naval Mine Warfare Test Station was one of two significant naval installations established on the Calvert County side of the Patuxent River near Solomons during World War II. Its purpose was to provide a test site for experimental minesweeping and mine countermeasures in a location relatively isolated, with deep water, and with conditions allowing for the investigation of harbor defenses. The author has examined official records to create a history of the station and its organization, further documented with photographs. Some personal interviews have also been incorporated into this detailed history. Mr. Cole also describes the later use of the site under different naval agencies up to the early 1980s.

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